Anticipate the EU taxonomy with a simple and collaborative solution

EU taxonomy: How to master its content and its impact on your organization?

The EU taxonomy obliges companies to disclose the aligned part of their eligible green revenue, Opex and Capex. To achieve it, you need to measure your alignment with sustainable criteria based on the NACE classification system.

kShuttle and ROI-EFESO have teamed up to bring you a webinar that highlighted the key points of the standard and how concretely address its impacts. We tackled the following questions, while answering many others that came through attendees:

  • What are the requirements of this regulation?
  • Which companies are affected and by when?
  • What are the implications for companies in terms of organization and methodology?
  • What tools should be considered: Excel, existing tools, or a dedicated solution?

We invite you to watch the recording, we are confident you will feel more comfortable as you will realize that meeting your fast-closing deadlines is easy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the game!


  • ROI≡EFESO & kShuttle​ Introduction
  • EU Taxonomy – Regulatory Context​ (5:57)
  • Taxonomy Insight – Software Demo ​& Benefits (16:22)
  • Our Joint Methodology for Compliance (38:50)
Download the Recording Below