k-CSR, k-SD, k-HSEQ, k-AUDIT

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

eco plante

A simple and powerful solution to manage international standards

A comprehensive solution that
easily adapts to your company's
systems and needs


Risk mapping

  • Risk identification and scoring
  • Monitoring of ethical and operational incidents
  • Collaborative management of corrective or continuous improvement actions
  • Risk scale mapping

Secure data collection

  • Quantitative data, coherence control
  • Qualitative data, comments and attachments
  • Workflow, warnings and notifications
  • Embedded advanced management of data collection campaigns

Regulatory compliance

  • GRI
  • ISO 2600
  • Global Compact
  • CDP
  • Carbon footprint
  • Unique document and your company's standards

Management of goals and related action plans

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Goal monitoring
  • Monitoring of the proper execution of shared action plans
  • Management of multi-year improvement projects

A powerful solution to efficient
goal-setting and effective implementation

    • Define your goals
    • Transform them into operational objectives
    • Manage overall risk
    • Improve performance with detailed follow up through of your plan

    Monitor your Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Performance

    • Easily improve processes
    • Easily integrate with your current IS
    • Constantly monitor data accuracy
    • Ensure traceability and auditability

    Digitalize your business process quickly and control your data easily

    • Simple Up & Down communication
    • Smooth transverse communication
    • Benchmark between teams
    • Valuation of your results

    Get team ownership of your plan

    • Manage several scenarios
    • Add qualitative data to your decisions
    • Monitor performance with our multi-dimensional analytical tools

    Enhance analytical capacities and target your actions

    • Prepare your sustainable development and corporate social responsibility ratings
    • Search by topic or standard
    • Report and publish with our BI and Disclosure Management features

    Communicate with stakeholders

    • A user interface with the look and feel of Excel
    • A great level of administrative autonomy
    • An embedded ETL to easily integrate IN and Out data with existing systems

    Deploy and master smoothly your sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility solution

A collaborative solution serving
Collective Intelligence

Manage risk and simulate in real time
the impact of your decisions

Visualize risks levels

Prioritize risks

Trigger targeted actions


Design risk levels


Identify health-related risk areas

Issue comprehensive and customizable reports for each topic

kShuttle powerful Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development tools
allow you to quickly implement proprietary features.

A solution that can easily mesh with your current systems and improve their performance.

  • HR
  • EPM or BI systems
  • Software consolidation
  • ERP systems
  • Accounting software