k-EHS: secure your processes and simplify management
of your EHS policy

For who

– EHS Management
– EOHS Managementt
– Environmental Managementt
– OHS Management

Your needs

– Identify the laws and regulations that apply to each of your sites
– Test the EHS compliance of your facilities
– Manage your environmental, health, and safety risks
– Manage your action plans to achieve progress
– Make EHS performance a pillar of your organization’s excellence

k-EHS, a high-performance tool for:


Enable adherence to the regulations that apply to your companies

  • Define a custom regulatory reference framework that:
  • is tailored to your business
  • incorporates local regulations
  • Update regulatory oversight with automated imports


Ensure regulatory compliance and secure your processes

  • Simply and efficiently assess your environmental, health, and safety compliance
  • Monitor the non-compliance tracking dashboard
  • Benchmark multiple entities
  • Monitor compliance action plans


Manage current and future risks

  • Map your environmental, health, and safety risks at the site level
  • Prioritize your risks using scoring methods aligned with your management systems
  • Define your action plans based on your analyses
  • Deploy mitigation and risk control measures
  • Create risk prevention documentation for the risks you detect
  • Enable audits


Manage environmental, health, and safety incidents

  • Report incidents from anywhere using an online form
  • Inventory employee workplace accidents and calculate your safety indicators
  • Generate your Bird accident pyramid at the site, company, and group levels
  • Analyze incidents, create reports, and improve your results
  • Plan appropriate incident responses


Implement action plans, coordinate your EHS policy

  • Mitigate risks and plan for prevention
  • Transition to operational EHS policy deployment
  • Boost efficiency by tracking all actions and progress in a single tool
  • Manage action plans and assess their effectiveness against targeted objectives
  • Apply a continuous improvement process


Implement your EHS policy, enhance your EHS governance

  • Gain efficiency with centralized information that can be shared quickly with all stakeholders
  • Accelerate deployment of your CSR approach at all levels of your organization
  • Streamline production of routine reports


Enhance your EHS strategy

  • Get all your employees involved, in the office and in the field
  • Empower people at all levels of your organization: dedicated dashboards for different roles, countries, sites
  • Boost your credibility and establish the legitimacy of your commitment

The benefits of choosing the k-EHS solution


  • Easier regulatory diagnosis with an online pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Compliance questionnaires tailored to your activity
  • Past assessments imported
  • Archive and store all your assessments and action plans


  • Automated data imports/exports (API connection, integrated ETL)
  • Processing for all types of data: complex, quantitative, qualitative
  • Real-time calculations
  • Secure data hosting in France


  • Control for consistency and traceability: logs, audit trails, document archiving
  • Control and approval workflows
  • Secured platform access for external third parties


  • Custom requests for all levels of your organization
  • Automated routine reports
  • User-friendly reports that are easy to read
  • Configurable dashboards with integrated self-service BI


  • Manage all your action plans in one place
  • Plan, prioritize, set objectives, and track progress on your action plan
  • Assign a lead to each action and ensure effective implementation
  • Track effectiveness and achievement of your objectives for each action
  • Comprehensive dashboards with actions prioritized by type


  • SaaS access and SSO authentication
  • Simple and collaborative application designed for all user types, even occasional users
  • Option to customize and configure for different levels of the company based on user environment, dashboard, role, country
  • An administration module controlled by your organization

kShuttle Support

Providing comprehensive support as you define, deploy, and implement your sustainable performance management system

Expertise EHS
Expertise IT

  • Diagnostics and assistance in finalizing needs
  • Functional scoping
  • Implementation
  • Training, change management
  • Reporting support

Since 2017, Complisse has been providing ongoing support to 5,000 users across 250 industrial sites to promote regulatory compliance and EHS performance

Why choose k-EHS ?

– Online form to report incidents in the field
– User-friendly questionnaires:
– to help assess your sites’ regulatory scope
– designed in compliance with the applicable regulations for quick site assessments
– Action plan steering
– Quick and easy visualization thanks to functional reports (risks, actions, non-conformities, events)

– Simple, secure manual and automatic import/collection of all types of data (including from mobile devices)
– Robust and reliable
– Get your employees involved with a tool designed for teamwork
– Generate your own dashboards with dedicated features
– Technical and methodology support
– SaaS access and secure data hosting in France

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