k-CO2: Measure your carbon footprint
and control your trajectory

Calculate your carbon footprint: Measure and control your greenhouse gas emissions
Fulfill your regulatory obligations (automated GHG inventory) and other stakeholder requests (investors, rating agencies)
Manage your carbon-reduction strategy and align your growth with the Paris Agreement objectives

For who

– Sustainable
– Development Division
– Climate Division

Your needs

– Enhance your legitimacy and credibility by using robust, reliable software
– Promote your carbon approach
– Address stakeholder expectations and your communication challenges
– Deploy your strategy and establish it at every level of your organization
– Reduce your impact

k-CO2, a high-performance tool for:


Simply and easily configure your carbon footprint

  • Simply and easily configure the relevant scope based on your activity
  • Manage your emissions factors (standard or customized) and uncertainties

Calculating impact

Efficiently and accurately calculate your carbon footprint

  • Focus on automated imports from existing systems
  • Enable management of data collection campaigns
  • Aggregate data in line with the different processes (GHG inventory, GHG, etc.)
  • Promote data auditability and enable verification


Understand and identify reduction drivers

  • Monitor progress
  • Benchmark multiple entities
  • Share and view the information


Stay on course and manage action plans

  • Set objectives and plan trajectory tracking
  • Share reduction actions (library)
  • Manage action plans and assess their effectiveness against objectives
  • Reduce your impact


Promote your climate performance and trajectory

  • Streamline production of routine reports
    • Regulatory obligations: GHG inventory
    • Management Dashboard
  • Make it easy to address stakeholder requirements
    • CDP disclosure
    • Investor and client questionnaires


Enhance your CSR strategy

  • Get your team on board
  • Accelerate deployment of your CSR approach at all levels of your organization
  • Boost your credibility and establish the legitimacy of your commitment

The benefits of choosing the k-CO2 solution


  • Automated imports/exports and/or data collection (integrated ETL)
  • Multi-scope and multi-site
  • Standard (carbon base, etc.) or custom emissions factors
  • Secure data hosting in France


  • Approval control and workflow (consistency testing, audit trail)
  • Document archiving (invoices, etc.)
  • Control and approval workflows
  • Easy access for third-party inspectors


  • Custom requests for all levels of your organization
  • GHG inventory, GHG Protocol, and ISO formats
  • Automated routine reports: CDP
  • GHG inventory data extraction and regulatory reports
  • Configurable dashboards with integrated self-service BI


  • Multi-year tracking of objectives and trajectory definition
  • Action plan tracking (schedules, progress tracking, reminders, alerts)
  • Collaborative actions library


  • SaaS access and SSO authentication
  • Easy carbon footprint configuration for users
  • Simple, collaborative tool to help people at all levels of the organization take responsibility for carbon-related challenges

kShuttle Support

Providing comprehensive support as you define, deploy, and implement your sustainable performance management system

Expertise in CLIMATE
Expertise in IT
Expertise in SOLUTIONS

  • Carbon footprint
  • Diagnostics and assistance in finalizing needs
  • Functional scoping
  • Implementation
  • Training, change management
  • Reporting support

Why choose k-CO2?

– Easy carbon footprint configuration for emissions scopes 1, 2 and 3
– Simple, secure manual and automatic import/collection of all types of data
– Robust and reliable

– Automated regulatory format exports and reports (GHG inventory)
– Control Module: Objective, action plan, and trajectory management
– Technical and methodology support
– SaaS access and secure data hosting in France

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