Technip improves its risk management

Technip improves its risk management

Technip, now Technip FMC, became a worldwide leader in engineering, construction and the energy industry: submarine infrastructure development, marine platforms and terrestrial installations.

The Risk department wanted to follow the risks attached to these projects and define action plans, including actions to be led by its clients, so that they could follow the projects’ quality, and ensure minimal risks.

The collection of qualitative and quantitative data, schedule reminders, best practices, on-site regulations and a collaborative strength were “must-haves” for a solution aiming at reducing the projects’ risk level and improving the service quality.
The solution also needed to imply the slightest change as possible and not take time for operationals on-site, who needed to stay focus on their own tasks.

« Only a few companies on the market have such a risk management tool.
It is a supplementary asset that distinguish ourselves from the competition ».

Technip testifies on this worldwide project.