A large French banking group improves its Corporate and Social Responsibility

CSR - Corporate and Social Responsibility

This CSR project launched in 2013 has a constantly growing scope… and comes with reduced costs.

Overcome a CSR challenge with kShuttle

The goal was to get a solution that could collect and steer non-financial, quantitative and qualitative data, that would be relevant for calculations and easy to understand by its users.

Two Directions, Human Resources and CSR, wanted an collaborative application able to handle cross-functional actions.

The group was looking for a solution that necessitated minimal changes, that would be easily integrated to its BI tool : k-CSR met this need perfectly.

« We had an end-to-end solution, easy to integrate and setup ».
Then, unraveling the technological strength of kShuttle, on which the k-CSR tool was developed, the group decided to end its partnership with its BI tool previously integrated so that it could only use the native functionalities and publishing tools of the chosen solution.

« Every CSR indicators in the 36 countries where it is implanted are consolidated in real-time at any levels of the organization » It now includes dashboards and real-time publishing.

The Results : A tool always more powerful, evolving with your needs… and way cheaper.

« Our communications are getting better when it comes to sustainable development, within the group and with the public. The group’s CSR policies can now be audited, and the information is completely traceable. The easy ownership of kShuttle and its collaborative functions are, indeed, already generating links between its contributors. »

And our functional scope is always growing…