Easily manage your complex and multi-year investments

Complex Investments Planning


• Sustainable, complex and multi-year investments steering: how to decide how to launch them and how to implement the technical and economical follow-up so that they are sustainable?

In international companies, the complex and multi-year IT investments projects can cause governance and follow-up issues once they are launched; moreover, the study of different suggested projects, needs before launch, to have all the information necessary to understand their impact, their scope, their schedule and their priority. The worldwide leader for individuals insurance chose to launch kShuttle at an international scale, in 36 countries. The launch and study process of its multi-year IT projects integrated a financial, technical and qualitative follow-up. From now on, the group handles, thanks to a multi-currency application, the multi-year IT investments projects no matter their level of complexity, including outsourcing or any other form of collaboration. Visualizing the projects cashflows and profit and loss accounts, at any level of the hierarchy, allows to identify immediately what needs the managers’ focus. The re-estimation abilities of the projects including new milestones, new budgets or new authorization thresholds is perfect to handle the whole project lifecycle. The IT investments are then trusted to be useful and sustainable.

• kShuttle simplifies the sustainable investments planning:

kShuttle offers a very intuitive interface, allowing the management controllers to harness and steer the multi-dimensional capacities to perform any analysis wanted by the direction, but also by the people in charge. The ability to track the exchanges and the lifecycle of the sustainable investment project allows for a recollection of all the actions led even if the people in charge are changing. The data is automatically consolidated by country, by region and then at the group level. Moreover, every country and every region can manage their own project portfolio autonomously. The collaborative dimension that kShuttle offers allowed efficient communications between the different hierarchy levels and led to sharing best practices within the group. Eventually, kShuttle allows any constituents to enrich the information at their level of responsibility, information immediately integrated in the dashboards and reporting files. The information is up-to-date after two days, the exchanges can then be done in real-time on the platform that can immediately integrate action simulations, making the decision process easier and adapting to the corporate goals and actions led on-site.

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