Prepare your employees for the future of your company

Prepare your employees for the future of your company.


The human resources management forecast is often overlooked by the HRIS, focused on dealing with the different employee’s history aspects : wages, abilities, trainings... The deep changes occuring in the utilities sector, through the processes’ digitalization, but also major transformations in the energy mix, impact industries, from primary (utilities) to tertiary (distribution) and stopping by the secondary (industrial transformation). These major mutations lead us to widely rethink the future of organizations and redefine the work content of any positions created. Furthermore, the staff planning will be made through a different business model.

kShuttle allows to modelize on a strategic level these mutations and transform them in a necessary competency and talent management forecast, generated by those changes. To transform these previsions in concrete on-site actions, it is advised to think on a strategic level so that the most adapted profiles, handling the changes, be guided towards adapted competences.

• How kShuttle meets your needs in terms of competence and talent management?

kShuttle allowed a company specialized in the extraction, transformation and distribution to pass on to the operational level the deep transformation anticipation on the competences and talents necessary to its realization, ensuring in the best way the group’s collaborators employability thanks to targeted trainings on special profiles previously identified. Likewise, the competence needs expressed by the group’s branches are also managed through kShuttle, maximizing the employability within the group thanks to a sharp knowledge of the competence needs expressed. Indeed, kShuttle’s collaborative features allow the different entities to exchange on the possible mutations regarding the needs pointed out by kShuttle.

Short-term and medium-term projects are handled through the same technological platform, for all the HR and operational needs. Such simulation abilities are eluded from classic HRIS softwares. However, the information managed in these so wares can be recovered by kShuttle, guaranteeing the information integrity used in anticipation of the competence and work needs regarding the human resources transformation and the management strategy adopted by the group.

The same goes also for the mobility within the group. kShuttle’s communications abilities allow to reinforce the existing human resources information system (HRIS) without compromising it. Corporate decisions are then aligned with the actions led by the operational managers.

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