k-CSR : the Cabinet de Saint Front testifies

k-CSR : the Cabinet de Saint Front testifies

CSR laws and regulations become more and more important in order to find balance for companies only looking for profits.  
Thus, they have to develop their extra-financial reporting to assess their financial performance according to the operational risks they create.

Does it mean anything to produce low-cost if the work accidents are not well-managed or blamed on suppliers at a lower level while looking elsewhere when problems arise?

Or, if sanitary regulations are not ensured, putting in danger your consumers’ health?

Or, if your infrastructures do not comply with a decent level of safety?

k-CSR gives the tools for managers to ensure your activities are compliant with the regulations, but also allows to link financial performance apps to a well-known risk management scale, at a worldwide level.

The Cabinet de Saint Front, specialized in extra-financial performance, brings a fresh look at the solution k-CSR.