HRIS Softwares: Strengths and deficiencies of HRIS tools

HRIS tools


HRIS solutions and softwares offer strong functionalities to manage common aspects to any companies (administration, trainings, career, mobility, payroll, evaluation), but their ability to adapt to technical requirements of each company are limited by the evolution rhythm imposed by so ware editors. Moreover, the functional evolutions of these HRIS so wares are regulated by the never-ending legal framework conforming the HR world (CSR, men/women equality, employability...). These are as many limits for the HRIS so wares employability, beyond the proper needs inherents to the HR function. Thus, the number of information managed by those systems could be used efficiently by the operational managers, allowing them to create analysis that would meet their own HR management needs.

These agile and reactivity needs for any demands are not easily met by HR services already pressured by the fact that they have to « do everything better and faster ». Also because of the rigidity of the HR tools, not allowing simulations, and of the lack of human and financial capacity not always following the expected rhythm.

How kShuttle reinforces the HRIS tools and softwares?

kShuttle overcomes the challenge by reinforcing the functionalities from the existing systems without negating them. Its hybrid database allows to recover the existing so wares and HRIS tools necessary for managers and integrate any supplementary information, qualitative or quantitative; its functional power allows then to create any applications using them. kShuttle allows to recover any non-structured information, consolidate them and restitute them into different forms (dashboards, books, portfolio...). Any levels of the hierarchy can add information necessary to understand the HR performance indicators under their responsibility. The collaborative capacity of kShuttle allows to create communities based on interests and actions, and it ends up with the use of best practices within the groups using it.

kShuttle’s real-time simulation capacities also allow managers to visualize the impact of the decisions they could make. Moreover, kShuttle has vertical systems for CSR and Health, Safety & Environment, already used by worldwide groups, allowing to benefit from kits meeting a larger scope for legal or regulatory compliance. The adaptation capacity of kShuttle also allows HR services to meet any demands coming from different directions in a record-time. Likewise, within the groups using several so wares with variable functional levels, kShuttle allows to align their respective capacities by completing them with any of their lacking functionalities.

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