Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) : manage your risks by evaluating them better

Enterprise Risk Management

Environmental and social laws ask the companies for richer information that would complete the financial information traditionally published.

The environmental and social impact of the companies’ practices have to be integrated in a prevention policy clearly established and explicit.

To do so, the company has to know its environment so that it can evaluate the potential risks and take actions to reduce the risk level.

Indicators (KPIs) have to be created to follow the specific risks in each company. They are added to the KPIs initially followed by the companies, related to the rules established for the CSR reporting.

The solution that kShuttle has developed allows to combine best practices and their actual follow-up on-site.

An « Action Plan » module, including collaborative features, allows to measure how far in the actions undertaken to reduce the risk level are. 

Discover how to face those new challenges by downloading the resource « Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) : Manage your risks by evaluating them ».

The kShuttle Team.