Manage your legal compliance management


Legal compliance projects are often time-consuming.

They sometimes necessitate the gathering of data coming from tens of different entities. Data collection, processing and restitution then become strategic goals for the company.

To assist you in your projects regarding the update of your legal repository, kShuttle allows you to deploy secured Excel-like questionnaires meeting your needs regarding data collection, whether the data is qualitative or quantitative, under any formats, and in real-time.

A “Deviance” module allows managers to self-evaluate their questionnaires and take corrective actions if need be.

An « Action Plan » module will also help you taking the best on-site strategic decisions.

It is eventually time to deploy the questionnaires.

Between data validation workflows and collaborative exchanges and no matter the hierarchic level, kShuttle allows you to get relevant data and produce a complete powerpoint report, ready to be published and released to your stakeholders, or the public.

To learn more about it, download our resource “How to manage your legal compliance”.

The kShuttle Team.