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• Employees’ Health: a challenge brought by the HSE norms

As an industrial matter, the HSE policies (HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT) tie the companies legally with norms. The non-compliance to these norms can lead to serious issues. The regulatory compliance management is usually performed by GRC softwares (Governance, Risk & Compliance). The association Complisse handles, for industrial companies operating in the aerospace industry, the legal and norms framework mandatory when it comes to HSE compliance. An application, developed with kShuttle, allows the industrial Direction to self-evaluate the risks weighing on their facilities by answering questionnaires quantifying their deviation from the legal framework. Thanks to these relevant questionnaires, the upper management can organize preventive actions allowing them to diminish the risk of workplace accidents.

• How kShuttle helps you mastering your regulatory HSE compliance?

Complisse, Safran and Zodiac chose kShuttle for their HSE compliance because its questionnaire management capacity, that includes qualitative and quantitative information, allows to roll out the legal framework and to operate a sharp deviance measure. The ability to provide steering information in real-time allows to take actions immediately and identify the most impacting weaknesses. The operational efficiency of the preventive actions is guaranteed by kShuttle’s ability to handle sharp data but also consolidate all these data in real-time to transform them in steering information.

kShuttle also provides a management module allowing to declare workplace accidents, that links them to an identified deviance and within the legal framework. Even then, the steering information based on on-site operational data allow to visualize the most impacting risks for any industrial group. kShuttle’s simulations abilities also allows to imagine sharp schedules for action plans and to measure their impact in terms of operational efficiency, and thus to minimize the industrial risk. The collaborative capacities of kShuttle allow to different management levels implicated in the risk management process (HR, Industrial Direction , Risk Direction) to exchange and choose the most adapted action plan, thanks to simulations done in real-time allowing to measure the decisions’ impacts.

The alignment of the support functions and the operational directions is ensured by the kShuttle applications targeting a maximal operational efficiency level, with accrued security of the employees’ working conditions and a better control of the industrial risks by the companies using it.

kShuttle allows you to efficiently manage every aspects of your HSE regulatory compliance.

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