Case Study: ENGIE

Case Study: ENGIE

ENGIE is committed to successfully addressing the energy challenges of coming decades by producing energy that emits no CO2. The environment, universal access to energy and the quest for innovation are all key commitments for the Group.

The Group’s “Ethics and Compliance” direction wanted to industrialize the collection of their ethics and compliance indicators that would be integrated in the annual report.

These extra-financial information are now part of the information on which the companies have to communicate, like the obligations tied to the CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility).

Secure the data collection, their traceability and their auditability is a major challenge in terms of quality of the information transmitted to the public.

The solution also had to allow collaborative exchanges so that the different hierarchical levels could communicate efficiently and visualize the information in real-time.

This collaborative tool allows to generalize good practices and to spread more easily the adoption of behaviors close to the ethical demands wanted by ENGIE.

By trusting kShuttle, the “Ethics and Compliance” team fulfilled the goals assigned to this project and ensured its regulatory compliance.

Congratulations to the ENGIE team.

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