Quickly digitalize your business process

Give your application a second life

Drastically reduce your TCO

Our mission: strengthen the operational efficiency of your teams

Reduce IT costs without added value



Duration of detailed 

Development cost of 
applications and 
their upgrades


The quality and value 
of your data

Your ability to react

Your collaborative 

Must be

The current investments 
in solutions that provide 
users with what they 
need, but that would 
need to be strengthened. 

The EPM and business intelligence are out-of-date,
opening the road to collective intelligence

  • Challenge N°1

    We substitute expensive, complex and siloed technologies with one single technology

  • Challenge N°2

    We enable you to strengthen the value of your data, as well as the quality and collaboration between support and field functions

  • Challenge N°3

    We are the only solution on the market that strengthens your applications without automatically replacing them

kShuttle takes on this threefold challenge and reduces your IT costs

kShuttle natively integrates BI and EPM,
with far superior power

Replaces features of N siloed technologies with a single integrated one

How to
lower your TCO?

How to
lower your
development costs?

How to act
together, quickly
and appropriately?

How to extend
the life of your

Collective intelligence
at lower cost

  • Reduced budgets for companies

    Reduced TCO

    Digitalization costs and duration are reduced

    Evolutions eased

    Preserved investments

  • More valuable information for operations

    Augmented data quality

    Enriched quantitative and qualitative data 

    Manageable by end-users, in the field or at corporate levels

    Information production without breaking the digital chain

  • More efficient collaboration between managers

    Up & down and transverse collaborations

    Real time simulations

    Reactionary and decision-making speed is increased