Enabling Essbase to find a second life

June 14, 2017 / kShuttle

If you want to add workflow functionalities and webforms to Essbase, Oracle will advise you to migrate to Planning and, now, to BPCS as cloud is clearly becoming a top vendor priority. Would you like to use Metadata management? Oracle will ask you to buy DRM or EPMA, for data integration, buy FDMEE, for dashboarding and publishing, OBIEE, for reports, HFR, and for disclosure management, XBRL. 

Obviously, you will have to make all these software pieces communicate between them. In case of major upgrade of one of these components, you will probably have to rebuild some of these communications. kShuttle enables you to keep all your Essbase investments, either in the cloud or on premises, and provide you, in a single platform natively integrated with Essbase, all features that Oracle propose through many solutions. 

And in addition, kShuttle will provide you a lot more features than the vendor! 

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