Bolloré augments Essbase for port concession reporting

June 14, 2017 / kShuttle

On a regular basis, the financial direction of the Bolloré group ask all port concessions to inventory supplies and provisions and to break down variations by business. 

Initially, data collection was performed in Excel spreadsheets, sent via email. An Excel macro would send quantitative data to a Essbase application for consolidation and analysis.

With kShuttle, an input portal for 70 users was created in 10 days, and natively integrated to Essbase. A collaborative process for data consolidation ensures the quality of information, that use the business rules and computations already implemented into Essbase, with no needs to throw away the existing investments. 

Addition of qualitative information also enriched the data provided, and collaborative exchanges are also centralized into the kShuttle platform that is coupled to Essbase.