k-People: the software solution for payroll
and workforce management

For who

– HRIS Division
– HR Division
– Finance Division

Your needs

– Optimize management of your company’s human resources
– Control payroll growth
– Manage and track your workforce
– Project and calculate nominal and actual compensation components, employee assignments and career events, and the impact of your management rules

k-People, the software solution for payroll and workforce management

k-People, a high-performance tool for:


Manage key indicators and parameters

  • Custom indicators and management rules
  • Budget and estimate scenarios and versions
  • Parallel organizational hierarchies to handle organizational changes


Control payroll costs

  • Create simulations based on hypotheses
  • Break down your payroll by organization using allocation scales
  • Compare with other periods (N-1, N-2, etc.) and other scenarios (Actual, Budget, Estimate 1, etc.)


Analyze and control

  • Track payroll from every angle: by period, scenario, phase, version, person, organization, department, role, etc.
  • Analyze effects to explain differences between the budget and actual spending, and between estimates and the budget (departures, transfers, hires, absences, etc.).


Work as a team

  • Share all the reference and explanatory documents stored in an EDMS – electronic document management system.
  • Add comments to explain the data.
  • Export to ERP (budget and estimates) and EPM applications for the budget and forecasts.

The benefits of choosing the k-People solution


  • Employee database management
  • Payroll and spending tracking
  • Custom salary simulations
  • Ready-to-use management rules


  • Custom data collection fields
  • Complex calculation rules
  • Custom analytical angles
  • Workflow can be activated on any screen


  • Easy access to HR information systems to enhance them
  • Comprehensive management of incoming and outgoing flows with integrated ETL (extract, transform, load)

kShuttle Support

Providing comprehensive support as you define, deploy, and implement your performance management system

Expertise in BUSINESS
Expertise in IT & ARCHITECTURE
Expertise in SOLUTIONS

  • Diagnostics
  • Assistance in defining and formalizing needs
  • Functional scoping
  • Implementation
  • Training, change management
  • Reporting support

Why choose k-People?

Comprehensive payroll management
– Employee database management
– Payroll and spending tracking
– Salary simulations Ready-to-use management rules

The most complete technical platform on the market: 6-in-1
– Flow management (ETL – extract, transform, load)
– Reference management
– Calculations and simulations with integrated scenario 
– Compilations/Publications/Portal with integrated document management

– Simple to use thanks to a fully customizable solution 
– An application that meshes seamlessly with your IS

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