kShuttle is a French software company dedicated to helping businesses steer and optimize their management processes.

With its integrated software solution, kShuttle makes it possible to digitalize your processes and get your business divisions working together to steer:

Financial performance

Management of
the associated risks

Extra-financial performance


Our Vision

Sustainable developmentprofitability, and corporate social responsibility are the future of our company.

Such goals can be contradictory and require the coordination of multiple skills and indicators that reflect the complexity.
Governance rules and the protection of stakeholders must also be respected. Coordinated actions and speedy feedback from the field foster an efficient company’s management. The juxtaposition of expensive and siloed technologies highly hinders the deployment of collective intelligence.
These obstacles must be removed. kShuttle takes on this challenge.

Creating simple products is challenging. You have to work hard to create simplicity.

Steve Jobs

Our Mission

We have created an innovative, collaborative platform that provides business solutions and enables fast development of customized management applications for your organization.

This platform replaces the features of all your siloed technologies with one single technology.
Management teams can work together and faster, increasing their operational efficiency thanks to a simple, powerful, cost-effective technology. kShuttle successfully meets this challenge.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Léonard De Vinci

Annual Growth
Man-Years of Development
According to Consulting Firms, Our CSR & ESG Solution’s Rankings are #1​

Our core values


Excellence is driven by all employees and is concretized by the quality of the service and solutions delivered. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns and our DNA. This excellence has enabled Konvergence to grow by an average of 50% per year between 2016 and 2021.


Caring is one of our strengths. Aware that our employees are the wealth of our company, we dedicate ourselves to the success and well-being of our employees by ensuring that we support them on their long-term progress.

Commitment to the planet

It is not time for discussion but for action. We must individually and collectively be the leaders of a deep change in favor of ecology and social justice. From this perspective, all of our teams are aware of and committed to personal and global actions. We have just joined the PLANET TECHCARE initiative.

Our customers

Among its clients, kShuttle counts large groups such as Carrefour, BNP Paribas Assurance, Bolloré, Michelin, Schneider, Safran and mid-market companies such as Picard, Guerbet, Afflelou, Biomérieux, Orpéa. The company operates in nearly 70 countries through its customers and partners.

kShuttle is experiencing annual growth of 50% and has strong ambitions on the French and international market, where it generates 15% of its turnover. The workforce now exceeds 100 employees in 3 countries. These experienced teams come from prestigious publishers of software solutions, from the world of finance and sustainable development, whether in R&D, in the management team and among business partners.

They trust us

A disruptive technology available in SaaS