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Business solutions
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A solution to manage your leases, compliant with IFRS16

A solution to manage your leases, compliant with ASC842

A solution to manage your multi-year projects technically and financially

A solution to manage your planning collaboratively

A solution to manage salary planning and strategic talents

A solution to manage your Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) efficiency

A solution to audit your risk assessment and the follow-up of your recommendations

A solution to assess and map your risk at any level


Common Data
Collective video

Speed up your
ability to react
and adjust

Fast and shared
decisions are
now possible


“With kShuttle we work simultaneously at the local, regional and global level to track all our IT investments. Every project is now viewed as a distinct asset and not just a cost center. The platform lets us share qualitative information as well, and sends alerts in case of budget overrun or delay.”

IT Manager, Banking/Insurance

“With 75 branches, 14 subsidiaries, 8 lines of business, we are actually managing 350 distinct budgets. kShuttle handles every single one of them – even including contractors. Gone are the days of inconsistency between operational reporting and accounting. Branches and controlling even agree on numbers! One thing that everyone loves: as soon as a data point enters the system, it is available for everyone and every application in real time, its impact on consolidated numbers is computed immediately.”

Karine Meunier, Director of Corporate Control, Qualiconsult

“With kShuttle we were able to industrialize the efficiency tracking of our back office, from data collection to local dashboard production, reinforcing existing applications. The platform removed the need for duplicate data entry, greatly improving the quality of data along the way thanks to a structured data input process. Implementation was pretty fast, too: in average, 1.6 day per subsidiary.”

IT Manager, Banking/Insurance

“Our goal was to speed up the consolidation of information, adding data quality controls and process management. kShuttle provides our regional managers with a true control and management solution. And at the consolidated group level, we are able to measure our industrial efficiency at the business unit level.”

Financial IT Manager

“kShuttle is an end-to-end solution, easy to deploy and run. Our CSR policies can now be subject to a full audit, with complete traceability of information, as mandated by law. Collaboration capabilities also help contributors create new links with their colleagues, within regions but also at the corporate, worldwide level.”

CSR Manager, Banking


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